Amma UK

Friday 1
Doors open / Tokens at approx 09:30
11:00 Amma arrives / Meditation / Singing / Darshan thoughout the day and evening

Saturday 2
08:00 Doors open / Tokens at approx 08:30
10:00 Amma arrives / Meditation / Darshan till mid-afternoon
16:30 Doors open / Tokens at approx 17:30
19:00 Amma arrives / Welcome / Spiritual Talk / Ceremony for World Peace / Singing / Meditation / Darshan till early morning


Darshan Tokens

There is no need to register for the event, and every Amma programme is free of charge (including parking). However due to the number of people who come to see Amma, there is a token system that ensures everyone who has queued and received a token can meet Amma.

If you want to receive Amma’s darshan (her personal embrace) you must have a token, and be present when tokens are handed out (i.e. you cannot ask someone to get a token for you). We recognise that this can present some logistical issues for some, but it is the fairest system we have to ensure that everyone who queues does receive a token.

The queue for tokens starts approximately two Рthree hours before tokens are handed out (typically 1.5 hours before the programme starts). Please see the programme schedule for timing. If you have arrived late and all tokens are allocated, it might be possible to receive a timecard which can be exchanged for a token later during the programme. If you do receive a timecard please listen carefully for an announcement  from the stage and on the screens to return to the queuing area to exchange it.