Team Building: What are the benefits?

A happy and communicative team should be the ambition of all employers. A happy employee will lead to happy customers. Taking time to appreciate the team around you will boost work performance and communication.

There are many benefits to hosting team building days. Below will highlight what we at Newmarket Racecourse believe are the perfect ingredients for a harmonious team.



An employee that feels valued will be invested in the growth of the company. Motivation can come from smaller gestures such as giving them room to grow by setting performance goals, sharing positive feedback and making sure the office atmosphere is pleasant to work in. Asking employees to take a step away from their desk to take part in an activity that improves the dynamic of the team can increase motivation.


Employee welfare has a big impact on the performance of the team. Team building activities encourage employees to work as a team and will bring out their best performance. Taking necessary steps to ensure employees have a manageable work load and an efficient work environment could also help in boosting productivity.


Encouraging creativity and giving employees the time to share ideas allows innovation. Offering support to ideas can reassure employees they are valued. The best way to inspire creative thinking is via brain storming sessions where everyone has their chance to share.


We can offer a variety of activities to best suit your team and good communication is vital in all of them. Communication is key in all industries. Offering employees an open door policy with a chance to be heard will improve communication levels with an employer and their team. Employee feedback is important for any business to ensure a productive workforce.


Taking the time to build trust between employee and employer will assist in boosting work ethic. Getting to know the people around you via team activities will help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your team. This will allow a company to develop individuals to their best potential.


Team building activities allow your team to bond. The aim is to break down barriers and build trust through problem solving. The activities require good time management skills, improved communication and encourage creativity. These are all transferable skills that can be brought back into everyday work life. Taking a short amount of time to invest in your team will have long term positive effects on the company.

We work with specialist companies who can provide a variety of different team building challenges. From family fun days, to crystal maze challenges; you could even become a crime scene investigator for the day… the choices are endless! Group activities can be incorporated as a part of a bigger business conference or as a standalone event.

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