Jockey Club Venues Accessibility Guides in partnership with AccessAble

The Jockey Club has become the first organisation in British sport to give disabled people and carers Detailed Accessibility Guides on its facilities via AccessAble, the UK’s leading provider of access information.

The initiative follows extensive site visits to all 15 of the Jockey Club’s racecourses and the historic Jockey Club Rooms in Newmarket which are all frequently used for a huge number of events outside of the racing calendar.

Paul Fisher, Chief Executive of Jockey Club Racecourses, said: “We have posted information about access at our venues on our own websites for many years but we always want to adapt to society’s needs. “Not only have we been listening to our racegoers for feedback, we’ve also been talking to those who use our facilities for other events and who want more information to assist with planning an event or visiting one of our venues as a delegate or guest.

“AccessAble’s meticulous analysis of our facilities over many months, from the car parks to hearing loops and lighting levels as well as lifts and many other areas now provides a wealth of information which is very easy to find. “I have no doubt that this will help improve the experience for many of the 4 million people who visit our venues each year, both on racedays and for conferences and other non-racing events, especially those with very specific access requirements.”

As well as a building-by-building breakdown on the facilities the digital ‘Accessibility Guides’ also include dozens of images taken at each venue. The online guides are available via both the Jockey Club Venues and AccessAble’s websites and the AccessAble app.

Barry Stevenson, Chairman of AccessAble, said: “We are delighted to launch our Detailed Accessibility Guides in partnership with The Jockey Club. We believe they will make a real difference to customer experience and will ensure everyone has the information to decide what facilities will suit them best.

“We hope other organisations in UK Sport will recognise this and be keen to replicate the commitment to accessibility and inclusion demonstrated by The Jockey Club.”

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