Becky’s Blog: What makes a great venue?

Regional Operations Manager at Cheltenham Racecourse Rebecca Elvin discusses what makes a great venue in her latest blog.

In order to keep abreast of what is going on in the world of events I try to read at least one blog or event industry magazine every week. They are written by people who are out and about in the event scene and see loads of good stuff that is happening at great events across the country. I always learn something from each article and hope to put it in practice here if I can.

Last week I read a series of articles, titled “what makes a successful event” and a “great venue” which had key points in there and I enjoyed running through our venue and seeing how many we could tick off. I felt the following points were very relevant to us:

  • Venue – This is arguably the most important aspect of any event. How much space do you need? Is there parking available? Does it have Wi-Fi? Are there multiple rooms?
  • Decor and Signage – Decor is important for setting the tone of your event. Will people know who is hosting it? If posting clips and photos to social media, it’s great to have your branding in the background. Signage will help guests navigate their way smoothly around your venue.
  • Food – Food helps to set the mood at any event. Are there any dietary needs? What time of day is the event being held? Will guests be seated or standing? Is alcohol allowed in this venue? Is there a bar? And, importantly, what is your food budget?
  • Activities –Do you have enough space for activities? What equipment do you need?.
  • Security – Security and health and safety personnel are important to corporate events. They will help give peace of mind to both your company and the guests at the event.
  • Post-Event Follow Ups – Following up an event is just as important as pre-event advertising. Surveys are useful to see what improvements could be made in future, and prizes from competitions should be distributed to winners. Posting photos from the event is also a great way to remind people of the great time they had.

We really are the best venue for your event so please do give our sales team a call

So what is new with us this month?

We are working on our signage for events right now and are installing ipads outside the meeting rooms. Information on here will include hours the room is booked for, break times and can include the room bookers logo if required.

In the Hall of Fame a new information screen has been fitted and this will enable guests to click on their meeting room location and the screen will guide them to the correct room.

Fresh: Art Fair are here this weekend where we will see 62 leading UK Galleries displaying 6000 paintings and sculptures from over 500 artists. Further information can be found here.

Also we are hosting a horse sale on Friday 26 April in our sales arena. This is a select sale of winning and placed point to pointers and form horses with a catalogue of up to 60 horses. The sales horses will be available for clients to view the day before and the morning of the sale. This sale has long been seen as the flag bearer of National Hunt Sales and offers a select group of NH form horses and point to pointers and we very much enjoying hosting it. Find out more here.

Good Friday saw the jockeys of the future honing their skills here with the Pony Club Raceday – it must have been very exciting to be on the track just a day after our April race meeting. The sun shone and we look forward to seeing the winners of the races racing here in the future.

The Darts night a few weeks ago was once again brilliant fun, with a great turn out and some great costumes were on display.

The Snooker World Championships are taking place in Sheffield right now and it is great to see some of the players who were here just a few weeks ago playing there!

Becky's Blog: What makes a great venue?

Cheltenham Racecourse