What a start to a new decade

The year started off with a bang for us here at Cheltenham with a big day for the racing team on New Year’s Day where over 28,000 racegoers came to shake off the excesses of Christmas in the fresh air along with a winner or two. We also welcome the return of the Coral World Grand Prix, where we see The Centaur transform into an amazing snooker hall. Some of the world’s best players will be in action live on ITV4 during the week.

We look forward to a full calendar of events in 2020 and working with an eclectic mix of clients as usual.

We have had several prospective clients visit our facilities recently and the overwhelming comments about The Centaur have been about its size and its great versatility. The options for it are truly unlimited and budget is the only constraint. We love the challenge of presenting innovations to our clients and hearing their dream for their event.

The market is a difficult place to predict right now but Bizzabo’s Event Marketing 2019: Benchmarks and Trends Report, concluded that 85% of respondents stated that live events are now an essential part of their marketing strategy so it’s great to have such great spaces to tempt businesses to come and run their immersive and imaginative events with us. In my last blog, I highlighted the trend for “experiences” rather than death by PowerPoint and that theme seems to be continuing through into this year.

We have enjoyed working with our catering partners Jockey Club Catering on new additions to our menus and they include delicious “well-ness” options.

Food is only one part of wellness and I recently heard of a firm whose employee’s start the day off in the car park doing the Macarena before work! Led by the CEO, the team all participate and head into the office invigorated for the day ahead.  I cannot wait until one of our clients runs an early Zumba session in The Centaur prior to their conference starting.

We have a few projects under way and the first is our online drink ordering system enabling clients to order directly from their dinner table. This has been completed this winter and guests at our upcoming dinners will be able to trial the simplicity of ordering from their chair during the evening.

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda – it is not a trend now it is a necessity. In house, we look at recycling single use plastics, green initiatives including energy saving lighting and heating options as well as the use of digital signage to reduce the use of paper etc.

As ever, our clients are always looking for ways to enhance their events, whilst considering sustainability. A great example of this is one of our clients who are planning to live stream their conference to many countries across the globe to minimise delegate travel from overseas.

Our catering team source food supplies locally and reduce food waste as much as possible.  A good example is on one of our racedays, we use a local supplier in Evesham that grows Asparagus for the culinary team to use during The Festival™ presented by Magners. It is grown only eight miles from the racecourse.

One thing is for sure is that the event world is certainly moving at a face pace, we are continuing to innovate to stay ahead which is continually a fun challenge and we will keep evolving to keep up with the pace of the market.

Check out the fantastic list of events coming up here – buy a ticket and come and see our sporting venue for yourselves.

Cheltenham Racecourse