Becky’s Blog: The Devil is in the Detail

South West Operations Manager, Rebecca Elvin discusses the devil is truly in the detail when planning a top quality corporate event

From choosing your venue to working through your day and even what lunch to have, our events team help you deliver all that you would like to make your event, a total success.

You will already have decided why you want to host a special event – be it to generate new sales, to launch a new product, present awards or maybe you’re hoping to attract new employees or volunteers.

Once you’ve finalised the ‘why’ of your event, it’s time to plan the ‘how’ and we can help you deliver that with a great plan. You will be given a dedicated Event Manager to help co-ordinate the logistical, technical, catering and other needs that your event requires.

Do make sure you take the time to think about your objectives and put together a thorough plan to follow step-by-step before, during and after your event. Planning a successful business event involves many details – venue, food, entertainment, guest list – and they are just for starters!

A consistent theme with our clients is communication and often. A series of planning meetings and subsequent contact with your event team will reassure you that all is on track for your event delivery.

Make a check list, we never get tired of listening to our client’s dreams and helping them come to fruition.  Sometimes we have great fun in suggesting slight tweaks or alterations to the ideas so we can deliver it to the guests as best as possible.

We have seen our facilities used for a multitude of events and we can share some great ideas. Who would ever have thought of transforming The Centaur into Central Park in America? A couple got engaged in Central Park and wanted to get recreate their special moment in this country – so The Centaur turned into Central Park for the occasion and it was simply stunning.

Think about what kind of food you would like Breakfast? Lunch? Snack foods? Healthy options?  Dinner? Buffet? Sit down? What kind of beverages will be available?  How will they be presented how will they be served?

The answer to these questions are usually determined by budget, number of attendees and timings of the event. A three course dinner takes roughly and hour and a half to serve so best not chose that option if you only have 30 minutes for lunch! We can help you choose a suitable menu for the timing of your event.

We have ample space for any event hosting large numbers of guests – and no need to worry about parking we have that sorted with over 10,000 free parking spaces on site! We have great access for delivery trucks, caterers or special equipment to arrive and can arrange for a forklift for unloading if needed.

Think about how you may wish to engage your attendees – this will include speakers, presentations, team building exercises, indoors or outdoors in some of our 350 acres. Previous clients have done live voting at their events, and many run supplemental online events via social media: Twitter chat, Instagram stream, Facebook contest. Some have even live streamed the event around the world.

The devil really is in the detail for events – overall logistics may seem trivial and pedantic but small things can escalate into larger things if not taken care of appropriately and that’s why our team is there every step of the way.

If you have an idea for something we can’t do in-house (unlikely I know with our top team here) we always know someone who can help you deliver it.

Finally when the dust has settled and you have had a relaxing night post event, we always recommend you do some kind of follow up plan – this will help you monitor satisfaction and success. This will help you measure, improve and repeat in the future. How successful were all the elements, would your delegates prefer to see something else next time – did they/you think it was value for money? If you want to determine how successful an event is, you’ll need to collect feedback from participants in some form.

We always do a follow up call to our clients – to ensure everything was just perfect and to see if they have suggestions for the future.

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