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Busy run up to Christmas with plenty to look forward to in 2019

By the time you read this Christmas will be a long distant memory and hopefully all the mince pies have been eaten.  

If you are feeling the need for an incentive to get you out in the fresh air to burn off all those calories we are hosting a number of fun runs this year from 5k to 13 miles, so check out the website if you want to sign up!

We had a very busy time in December with Christmas parties, meetings, conferences and racing all going on.

We ran two great Christmas nights where people could bring their own party to us and saw firms bringing 70 plus guests, some bringing 10 and others just two, with everything in between. 

The theme across the two evenings was the Great Gatsby and it was so fun to see the effort that people had put into their outfits – stunning, just stunning. 

Jiving Miss Daisy provided the musical entertainment and there were casino tables, cocktail bars and a photo booth to entertain the guests.    

The parties took place on Friday and Saturday nights, alongside our racing schedule. 

The Centaur was used in the day for racing and then a crew came in to help get the room ready to accept 500 party guests two hours later – some feat trust me! 

We have some footage from our Go Pro camera to give you an idea of the miracle we worked on those two days. 

After the last guest had left at 2am on the first night the crew got straight on to turn it back round for racing the next day. 

The Centaur is used from 6.30pm every race day for staff check in and we got everything back to normal in time.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped.

Looking ahead, the countdown has begun and the Coral World Grand Prix Snooker is getting ever closer – we have been watching snooker a lot on TV recently so we get to know the players faces and see how other venues run it.  

We hosted a final planning meeting in November – ITV will be showing the competition so they are a big part of the planning – we need to make sure the infrastructure is right for them to beam the footage around the world.   

We don’t know which players will qualify until late January but the excitement is certainly building.

Tickets are still available if you want to come and see the fun for yourself –

January is a relatively quiet month for us before life ramps up again in February.

The team spend the first month of the year catching up on paperwork and working with the maintenance team to fit in the repairs and upgrades necessary for the busy season ahead.  

Hannah who looks after our Christmas parties will be spending time looking for inspiration for the table centres for next year – the theme is Hollywood and we may look to replicate the glitz and glamour of The Oscars!

Thanks for reading – until next time.

Cheltenham Racecourse